Performance Testing

Do you know that your system, website or app will perform as your users expect?

What happens under load and stress? Do not leave it to chance - ensure that you have confidence and peace of mind by carrying out structured performance tests.

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Web Performance Testing

People use the internet for speed and convenience, 24/7. They are not patient and they will make snap decisions. Your site must consistently perform to meet your customer’s needs or they will go elsewhere.

It is no longer enough to make sure your website is available 24/7 - it needs to be functioning correctly and providing acceptable response times at all times. Monitor your website’s performance and spot any potential issues before your customer does using our SiteBeat solution.

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Load Testing

Don’t hit the headlines for the wrong reasons with your customers or internal users. When your system goes live or when you expect to have a large volume of traffic have confidence that it will be able to handle the number of users and will not crash.

We will help you plan, run and analyse load tests to ensure that your system meets the needs of its users. Our SiteLoad solution can also support you with the technology required to carry out your load testing as we have a broad range of tools experience and partner with leading vendors.

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HP LoadRunner and HP Performance Center

LoadRunner is an enterprise-wide load testing tool to help you identify and resolve issues before applications go-live.

As a Silver Business Partner of HP Software we not only have the technical proficiency but understand the different licensing models to advise you on what’s best for you. This may be an on-premise solution or SaaS but we are perfectly placed to provide you with guidance.

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Soasta Cloudtest

CloudTest lets you build, execute and analyse load tests on a single platform.

It can be deployed on-premise, at your hosting provider or in the cloud. It has a flexible licensing model so whether it be a large scale system or small app you only pay for what you need. As a Solutions Partner we can guide you through the process and use CloudTest to ensure that your system performs as you expect.

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