Event: The Assurance Leadership Forum

26 July, 2017
1:30pm - 5:15pm

Location: Conference Centre, Ball's Brothers, Minster Court


Dan Martland, Head of Technical Testing Practice at Edge Testing said: "In the early days of professional testing, structure and objectivity were seen as paramount – the best testers did what they were asked, how they were asked and never deviated from that. In the world of modern, high speed development we need a more dynamic approach. Are the kinds of people we have been recruiting historically still the best fit for our needs? What aptitudes and personal qualities will be needed to succeed in the next generation of testing?" 


Dan has worked on many complex projects in his 20 years of test consultancy and is passionate about testing as a career. Having line-managed matrix teams of up to 80 consultants, Dan believes strongly in career development and how every day is a learning opportunity.

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