25 years - The Changing Shape of the Tester

27 September, 2018
All Day

Location: EICC, Morrison Street, Edinburgh


Nadia Scotsoft

ScotSoft2018 is the leading tech conference in Scotland. It’s an annual festival of ideas and innovation that showcases the best of the Scottish technology sector and brings you sought after speakers from far flung locations. 

Running for more than 20 years the event includes a full day Developer Conference, a half day Forum and a chance to meet the next generation of talent at the Young Software Engineer of the Year Awards Dinner in the evening. 

Nadia McKay, Testing Services Director at Edge Testing, will be giving a presentation at the Developer Conference, exploring the changing shape of the Tester over the last 25 years.

Nadia said: “I have now been in testing for nearly 25 years and wanted to explore the changing remit, environment and skills required as a ‘tester’ alongside the changing IT and Business landscapes.  What’s different (or not so different!). 

We hear the term ‘T-Shaped Tester’ these days when referring to what type of individual we want on our teams – so what shape was the tester 25 years ago and how have we evolved?”

Edge Testing will also be sponsoring an award for the Young Software Engineer of the Year, which will be announced at the dinner.

So why not join your peers across the community to explore, share and be inspired by great speakers and contributors. Use the event to conceptualise, share knowledge and collaborate in new ways.


For more information about ScotSoft 2018, please go to: ScotSoft2018


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