10 January, 2018

The Benefits of Outsourcing

Outsourcing is a flexible way to perform testing of your software and systems. But there is often an internal debate around what is better? Internal self-run teams, or external outsourced teams? There is usually a desire to “own” a department, as the perception is that it leads to more control of the project, but internal teams, of any kind, come with their own issues, which lead to more staff being hired to manage them, and before you know it the new department has spiralled in size.

Here are just a few reasons why Outsourcing is a better way to test your Software.

1) Readymade teams – Edge can implement readymade teams of professionals, from Test Analysts, to Test Leads, and even Business Analysts if needed. The individuals will already have a high level of expertise, and will be used to working with each other.

Your Company will not have to interview, train, or direct the external team, and aside from initial knowledge transfer, the outsource team can pick up the testing at very short notice, and be up and ready in a very short space of time.

Edge also have an internal team to deal with people management, and all the HR issues that go along with it, freeing your own resources. Aside from contacts within your business to evaluate and direct which areas of testing are needed, Edge Testing teams are self-managing.

2) Flexibility – Edge Outsourced teams can be rescaled, and even paused indefinitely, based upon the levels of demand. Something that is difficult to do with internal testing departments. If testers are ill, they can be replaced at short notice, so the impact on teams and project process is minimised. Edge can provide an “on demand” service.


3) Neutrality – Because Edge Testing teams have no direct link to your software, not only will they stop defects that internal staff may have missed through over familiarity (fresh eyes), but they won’t have historical ties with the development and a reluctance to see things changed. Not only can we find existing defects but we can advise on process improvements throughout test phases including User Acceptance, and suggestions for improvement to development practices to aid testing.

4) Cost – Office Space is expensive. Training is expensive. Hiring Staff is expensive. Hiring extra HR staff to deal with new staff is expensive.

I’ll cut to the chase - In every instance of cost evaluation of hiring outsourcing teams versus internal teams, outsourcing comes out top in every instance. SOURCE

5) Peace of Mind – Edge teams bring expertise and experience of working on a diverse range of projects in public and private sector industries, together with a wide range of relevant business and IT skills. Our individuals and teams are adaptable and can be “parachuted” immediately into projects, to land on their feet, ready to go. They will be comfortable of working with new people, and as an Edge teams, will have experience of working together.

Edge Testing is a professional, flexible service, backed up by our customers who continue to benefit from our team’s year after year. Experience and knowledge count. 


By Shaun McClure - Test Analyst, Edge Testing

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